Once Every Month, I Feel Like Quitting the World

The gift of self-awareness that PMS, anxiety, and depression gave me

Photo by Nick Bondarev from Pexels

Feelings hardly ever equal reality

Shame = The reason we don’t talk about PMS enough

The gift in the storm

“But what if PMS could be put to use? What if it could be a way that women in the world today could have a bit of a ritual or reminder that reconnects us to ourselves? The irritability during PMS is a reminder that women often tend to relationships and attachment more, and when they do not do this, attachment gets rockier.

It may not always be a bad thing. Sometimes it takes some irritability to spur some honesty that’s been hard to bring up. Or it may be destructive (I’d love to see a study correlating female-initiated breakups and PMS), but it exists. Repression or denial are not strategies. And letting PMS into the public light may well offer us some help. PMS might hold the promise of a more self-aware life for women.”

Mindfulness: An underrated PMS coping tool



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